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Lower Ground requires that you provide a real name; contact email AND phone number; mailing address; and payment information for recurring billing.
Payment info may also require us to collect the billing address associated with your payment method.
We recommend the contact email be an alternate that is NOT hosted on our systems, in the event of an issue with your account, payment, or significant outage of our systems.

This information is used only as required to contact you regarding Lower Ground’s services; to provide and provision the services and products you have requested (such as domain registration); to forward information to you as required by domain registrars; or to collect payment.

Domain registration may require us to submit contact information you provide as contact details for any domains you register through us.
Payment processing may require us to submit information you provide to us to the payment gateway.

Lower Ground does not itself store your payment details on our servers; we use third-party payment processors to manage this.

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