I don’t need web/DNS/email hosting all in one, I just want to host my domain’s web/DNS/email here, will that work? Print

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Yes! Most users should have access to their ‘Hosting Settings’; where they can set their domain to several modes. If you use the email-only option; and your website and DNS are hosted elsewhere; you will need to make the appropriate changes to point your domain at our servers.
The IP to reach your services should be shown in the hosting panel. If you host DNS and email here; you’ll need to update your DNS information to point to where your website is hosted.
If you only host web here; DNS and email will be enabled; but you can ignore them (or turn them off). You’ll need to update your DNS where it is hosted to point to the webserver on our system.
At this time, we are not offering plans for individual mail/DNS/web hosting, but may consider this in future to offer a lower-cost option for customers who only wish to host a portion of their domain’s services with Lower Ground.

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