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The General Crap

Lower Ground is a hosting provider. Lower Ground offers to provide a space on our servers for you to host your websites, register your domains, host your email, and associated services. As part of this, we also provide access to some tools and software to assist you in this.

In general, this is a simple exchange. We provide the services advertised by our customer panel; for which you provide payment.
Lower Ground’s hosting services are subscription-based; meaning when you sign up, your service autorenews at the end of the current term.
If you wish to cancel your service; you must do so through the customer panel; or it will autorenew using the payment method associated with your subscription.
If the product is a domain registration and you wish to let it expire; you can disable autorenewal in the customer panel; or transfer to another registrar.

Lower Ground does not serve as the publisher, editor, or auditor of our customers content, we provide hosting for their content. You, as the customer, are responsible for the content of your websites; and the emails sent by or through your accounts. In general, Lower Ground does not care what you wish to host, as long as it does not violate the law. However, as a private company, we are entitled to do with business with customers of our choosing, and if we find that you host objectionable or harmful content, even if technically legal, we may decline to host you, or recommend you find a new host.

Refund Policy

We do not provide refunds for partial months of service. If you cancel your service, even if you terminate the configured hosting immediately, the remainder of your current term is not refunded.

If you have prepaid for a term longer than the current month, remaining months beyond the active month of service WILL be refunded.

If your payment credentials have been fraudulently used to purchase our services; please contact us at support@lowerground.net with details and we will work with you to refund the charge. If you have already initiated a chargeback; we may not be able to assist you further as the bank or payment processor will take the matter out of our hands, but we can cancel and remove the services which were fraudulently ordered.

If your service is terminated by Lower Ground due to abusive use of our systems (spamming, hacking, etc); you will NOT be eligible for any refund.

Content Policy

Is it legal? Yes? Good start, you can quite likely host it here.

Is it harmful to others (ie, hate speech, incitements to violence, etc)? We’ll ask you to go elsewhere.

Service Guarantees

Unless otherwise specified in the specific service you subscribe to; Lower Ground’s services are on a best effort basis. Lower Ground does not currently offer specific SLAs, or “99.9999999999999%” uptimes, or similar guarantees.

Acceptable Use

Beyond the Content Policy, Lower Ground expects its platforms not to be used for spamming, to mount attacks on other services, or Lower Ground customers. For Shared Hosting plans, we also expect our customers to be aware that they are using a shared resource, and to avoid resource hogging.

If your account is found to be overusing resources in a manner which impacts other customers negatively, we will reach out to you to attempt to resolve the situation. If we cannot contact you, we may temporarily suspend your hosting until we can reach you. If you decline, or cannot, correct the issue, we may ask that you upgrade to a product more suited to your use (when they become available), or recommend that you find new hosting for your growing needs. Complete refusal to behave in a neighborly way to your fellow hosting customers may result in account termination.

Privacy Policy and Information Sharing

Lower Ground collects some information about you, in order to provision your account, contact you regarding your account, and to collect payment.

  • Name
  • Mailing/Billing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

When you make payment for services, Lower Ground uses third-party processors, and does not process your payment directly. We will keep this section updated with a list of those third parties, please see their policies for how they may handle your data. Where possible, Lower Ground disables any analytics or information sharing features that may impact our data or yours, unless required for a Lower Ground function.

Current Payment Processors Used: PayPal

Lower Ground does not collect personal information beyond that required to offer our services. Lower Ground does not give or sell your personal information to any other parties for the purpose of profit, advertising, marketing or related activities.

Domain Registration requires submitting some information to the registrars, though some domains may offer IDProtect services to prevent this info from being directly accessed via WHOIS. You will have control over this WHOIS information, and it may be different than your Lower Ground customer details, if you wish.

Some parts of Lower Ground’s website use Google’s reCAPTCHA to help prevent spam and bot usage of our service. Accessing pages where this is in use may cause your browser to connect to this Google service while loading the page.

Contacting Lower Ground

For details on reaching someone at Lower Ground, LLC, please see the Contact page.

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